7 fastest growing Tech Companies.

1. Chengdu Unionfriend? Inovisi Infracom? 
For global techies, these names may not ring a bell. But these are among the fastest-growing public tech companies from China. While these firms don’t have the international brand recognition enjoyed by Lenovo, ZTE or Huawei, when it comes to a crucial measure like Sales, these companies are creating ripples.

Bloomberg examined 72 emerging market countries and found 295 tech companies with market capitalisations of at least $500 million. Based on annual revenue growth for past three years, it came up with a list of 10 fastest-growing tech companies. We bring to you seven pureplay tech companies from the list, all from China.

2. Digital China Information Service
Three-year compound growth in net sales: 348%

Suzhou, China-based Digital China is the largest IT services provider in China. The company provides end-to-end services that covers IT planning and consultation, design and implementation of software solutions, outsourcing of IT system operations and maintenance, systems integration, IT distribution and maintenance.

In August last year, Digital China Holdings announced that it was merging its IT services business with Shenzhen Techo Telecom in a $492 million deal.

3. YY Inc

Three-year compound growth in net sales: 151%

Guangzhou-based YY Inc is owner of a social website that engages users in online group activities through voice, text and video. Launched in July 2008, YY Client, the company’s key product, allows users to engage in real-time online group activities like gaming, karaoke, music concerts, education etc.

The company has been wanting to tap the strong potential in online education market in China. It recently announced that it will invest RMB1 billion (approximately $160 million) in online education.

4. Inovisi Infracom

Three-year compound growth in net sales: 142%

PT Inovisi Infracom Tbk is a diversified infrastructure investment holding company, with interests in telecommunication, media and technology, energy and resources, and engineering services businesses. The company offers telecom software and platforms, broadband and network applications, enterprise productivity and mobility solutions, banking and commerce systems and other emerging technologies.

Its services include product implementation, outsourcing and custom development, business and technical consulting, analytic and business intelligence, and training and education services. PT Inovisi Infracom Tbk was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

5. Forgame Holdings

Three-year compound growth in net sales: 132%

Forgame Holdings Limited is a developer and publisher of web games in China. The company’s products include Tale of the Dragon Tomb, Ming Dynasty, Soul Guardian I, Generals Saga and Fantasy Immortal, among others.

Users can play these games on on its own publishing platform, 91wan, as well on a network of partners, including websites operated by Tencent, Qihoo360, YY and 4399. Forgame Holdings Limited was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.

6. Qihoo 360 Technology

Three-year compound growth in net sales: 127%

China-based Qihoo 360 Technology provides internet and mobile security products and services in China. Its core internet security products include 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus.

Qihoo also provides online advertising services, internet value-added services, and online lottery purchase services. The company was formerly known as Qihoo Technology Company Limited and later changed its name to Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd.Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd offers internet services in China (the PRC). The company’s two core internet security products are 360 Safe Guard and 360 Anti-Virus. 

In addition, the company has registered over 300 domain names with various domain name registration services. Qihoo 360 Technology was founded in 2005.

7. NQ Mobile

Three-year compound growth in net sales: 123%

Another China-based company in top 10 is NQ Mobile Inc (NQ), formerly NetQin Mobile Inc. It is a global provider of mobile internet services focusing on security, privacy and productivity. The company’s products and services include consumer mobile security, mobile games and advertising.

Recently, NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) was accused by short seller Carson Block of overstating revenue. However, the investigations so far have not found any evidence of fraud.

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