Malware scanning tool from Google.

Google has released a virus scanning tool for Mac and will be compatible with OS X 10.7 or higher.

Virus total uploader , which increases security for Mac. Users can download the app from the virus Total page. This app allows Mac users to  upload suspicious files for scanning.

Its actually a user friendly a which allows the user to submit  files and apps to VirusTotal 

Google’s VirusTotal Uploader for OS X aims at beefing up Mac security.
Google releases malware scanning tool ‘VirusTotal Uploader’ for OS X
Google has released Virus Total Uploader, a new malware scanning tool for increasing Mac security. Users can download the app from the VirusTotal page. It is compatible with OS X 10.7 or higher.

The app allows Mac users to upload suspicious files for scanning. Users can submit files and apps to VirusTotal by dragging and dropping folders or apps to scan them, clicking Open With, and then select the VirusTotal Uploader app or by right clicking on a file.

Google acquired free security service VirusTotal in 2012, the company enables users to quickly scan the image files of running processes, trigger scans of remote URL content before saving it to disk, and much more.

The Virus Total OS X version has the following features:

Users can drag and drop files to the VirusTotal Uploader and scan it with over 50 antivirus solutions.
Users can also drag and drop a folder and schedule the analysis of its content.
Users can drag and drop a Mac application to the VirusTotal Uploader.

VirusTotal announced the release in a blog post and said, “Today we are proud to announce a new VirusTotal Uploader for OS X. It is available for download on our Desktop Applications page. Internally it uses our public API to schedule uploads of files, with the exact same limitations that any public API user would experience. Hopefully this will lead to VirusTotal receiving more Mac applications, diving deeper into an increasingly targeted OS by attackers and allowing antivirus companies and researchers making use of VirusTotal’s backend to build stronger defenses against these threats.”
Google recently released “Verify Apps” that check your smartphone continuously and make sure that installed applications are not infected with malware. The Verify Apps are enabled for Android devices running v2.3 or higher.


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