make your PC faster than ever

Hello smartees ,As many of us face the problem os slow startup or booting,so today we will se one of the ways to decrease the startup time on you pc by editing the registry (easy),
So here is the article for what you need to do to turn you pc on very fast, for eg:- just 10 seconds (may vary)
First of all Click on the start button then press R it will take u to Run, now type Regedit
then press enter this will open Registery Editor,
Now you need to look for the key
> HKEY_LOACAL_MECHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentContro lSet\Contr ol\ContentIndex
now there You will find the Key Called “Startup Delay”
Double Click On It,
Now Click Decimal
Now its Default Value Is 4800000
Change The Value To 40000
Thats it you have now edited the registry successfully
now close the Registery Editor and Restart Your Computer
 you will See The Result, Your computer will start faster than earlier.

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