secure your android ,easily!!

While it’s true that Android is a little more susceptible to malware attacks than iOS, you can make your device impervious to even the most dastardly of digital assaults. Here’s how.
Set a lock screen
Yes, Android lock screens seem to
be about as secure as Sony’s Playstation Network, but they do offer at least some security against casual attacks.
Install an anti-malware programme
Just like on a Windows machine, some kind of anti-virus software is handy. It’s the second line of defence and there are a number of anti-malware apps available.
Don’t cache passwords
It’s annoying, but true. Caching passwords, while incredibly handy, is also a godsend to anyone who steals your phone. Of course,
security measures like lock screens help, but the only foolproof method of protecting those passwords is not to save them. (Oh, and turn on two-factor authentication while you’re at it.)
Check your SuperUser privileges
If you’ve made the choice to root your Android device, you’ll need to be extra careful about security. A malicious app with root access would be dangerous – able to do basically anything to your phone, without your knowledge
Ensure you only install apps from
trusted sources
One of the most common methods of infection on Android is downloads of dodgy apps. Just double-check the software you install.

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