google hatrick…

Of 6,200 companies across the globe
boasting 11.9 million total employees, Google has been named 2014’s best workplace in the world. For the third year in a row, the search
giant topped the World’s Best
Multinational Workplaces List unveiled
today by global consulting firm Great
Place to Work (GPTW). Other notable
performers included Microsoft and Marriott (numbers 6 and 7, respectively),
as well as eBay, 24, and Coca-Cola, 25. While an employee survey regarding
workplace culture comprised two-thirds of each company’s ranking, the other third
was determined by a third-party
assessment of company policies and
practices. GPTW says its study is the
largest of its kind. Overall, the firm reported that levels of
employee trust, camaraderie and pride
had risen within top-performing
companies — all of which are crucial
factors in determining employee
engagement and business success. “The best are getting better,” GPTW said.

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