10 javascript libraries to build charts and graphs

A project without charts and graphs isn’t good to a person who  is keen to get the information displayed. Graphs and charts are more or less like spoon feeding to the reader ,how about having something that can help build the required chart or graph ,sounds cool right ? So here are 10 javascript libraries which help the developer build charts and graphs.

1. D3.js — Data-Driven Documents: When someone thinks of charting, D3.js is one of the most used names which comes to our mind first. This is an open source project and it’s packed with several powerful features which have been missing in most of the libraries. Its highlighted features are “Enter and Exit”, syntax familiarity with jQuery or Prototype and so on, which make it one of the best JavaScript libraries for charting. This library is powered by HTML, SVG and CSS. It doesn’t ship with any pre-built charts and it’s also not very comfortable in working with older browsers like IE8.

2. HighCharts: It’s also a very powerful library which comes with JSFiddle examples and powerful features. It has already some great customers on its board like IBM, NASA, MasterCard and so on. It also compatible with older browsers like IE8, unlike D3.js.

3. Flotr2: This chart library is meant for building visualisation and graph applications. The Flotr2 library is one of the most popular ones in this category as it offers lot of pre-made examples, which makes the set-up easy for the beginner. The library can also be extended by adding personal graph types and own plug-ins can take the library to the next level.

4. Google Charts: It is one of the easiest-to-use JavaScript libraries for creating charts. It has several pre-built charts like area charts, bar charts, calendar charts, pie charts, geo charts and so on. It also comes with several customisation options which change the look of the graphs. Charts are rendered by HTML 5 or SVG to offer cross-browser compatibility and portability to iPhones, iPads and Android. You can have a look at the examples on Google Charts here.

5. ProtoChart: It allows creating beautiful charts using JavaScript and Prototype. It’s an open sourced library which uses Canvas and it’s hugely inspired by the likes of Flot, Flotr and PlotKit libraries.

6. Springy: Springy is a force directed graph layout algorithm which uses some real-world physics to try and figure out how to give a network graph an excellent look. It’s API is easy to work with and easy to understand too. If you take a look at the source code, you will understand it well. Check out an advanced demo here.

7. Chartist.js: It provides wonderful charts which are pretty responsive too. It has been produced by such a community which has been quite irritated with the highly priced JavaScript charting libraries. Its charts are rendered by SVG and it can be controlled and customised through CSS3 media queries and SaaS. It also comes with some cool animations which are compatible with modern browsers only.

8. PlotKit: It’s a chart and graph plotting library for JavaScript and it supports HTML Canvas and SVG through Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support. PlotKit is a rewritten version of CanvasGraph.

9. xCharts:It’s a JS library which is used for creating beautiful and custom data-driven chart visualisations. It combines HTML, CSS and SVG. This library makes chart creation and integration quite a funny job. With this library, data-driven graphs can be created in just few minutes.

10. MeteorCharts:It helps create beautiful charts for Meteor Apps. It provides option to render charts in all of these technologies: HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG and DOM. It has a cool chart builder which provides options to select charts, select themes and then generate a chart. It’s a free library which is used for non-commercial projects.

Sources: efytimes.


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