Top 8 Tools to build new apps

Are you aspiring for app development ? Are you tempted towards developing ? There are tons of applications that can help you do this development better ,and do it more efficeintly.
Below are the top 8 application tools that will enhance your app development giving nice apps with great interface for your apps and give you all new experience in app development.

1. Torchpad: Are you planning to create a wiki for your team members about your project? Then here is the best tool for that purpose, Torchpad, which integrates with GitHub and Flavoured Markdown. It helps creating a private wiki through drag-and-drop interface and tree format structuring tool. It also offers editing tools for multiple persons at the same time and real-time permission controls too. It’s a handy tool which increases collaboration among a team and also improves group understanding regarding projects.

2. AppGyver

It makes a number of tools for mobile app development and the list also includes PhoneGap extension called Steroids. It’s almost an eye-opener as it helps build a flexible prototype for testing ideas and it also deploys results to the device itself through a QR code and also allows testing the prototype on the website of AppGyver.

3. Calq

It offers customised analytics tools for mobile developers and its key features include checkout analytics, retroactive action monitoring and real time customer interaction monitoring. It also features conversion funnel identifiers, which make it one of the most advanced tools in this field.

It’s one of the easiest ways to build and distribute simple Android apps based on a website, a PDF or Word document, a YouTube video or a YouTube channel. As there are limited choices the apps are not much complicated but there should be a way out which helps us wrap up our work in the cleverest way. This tool also comes for free and it works with the Google Play Store to help submit apps easily.

5. Firebase

An app is built upon data and if Firebase like tool is used then storing and sharing all the data becomes easier. You can set up your own project and Firebase handles all the complications which come along with setting up a key-value store. It offers tools so that you can build apps by assembling the data. It’s tuned in a way to push changes and collaboration makes simpler. It’s a back-end tool which helps you concentrate on the app development from front end.

6. Intel XDK

Intel is mostly known for its hardware but Intel is doing a lot of things in HTML5 development. Intel XDK is actually a Chrome extension which assembles your favourite editor with a simulator and tests your project in the browser only. It unlocks the power of Chrome and makes it easier to edit and debug from the browser itself.

7. ScreenLab

This tool offers heat maps and data analysis for app developers. Potential audience interaction is compared via different device sizes and app layouts are maximised in this process. Programmers also use this tool for app tests and paid plans are also offered for enterprise users.

8. Ringo

It allows programmers integrate two-way audio support into the mobile applications. Customers are able to connect with app support personnel via one-way video conferencing and also carry on conversations to correct customer support questions. It acts just like Amazon’s Mayday support tool and it offers app developers a comfortable way to improve user engagement and encourage download satisfaction level.

Take your app development to all new level. All The Best !!

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