Features of google chrome

Google has always focused on the quality of the product it gives to the world and also the services that it provides through the products is flawless & apart from the known features google has some hidden  features which is very much attractive than what  is actually known.Apart from easy browsing google chrome provides some quality features which are not known to all. 

so here are the some really awesome features which will be helpful in using chrome even more flawlessly and with these features known to you ,you can actually govern what you are browsing instead of just browsing…..

#1 Task Manager: Yes !! just like the task manager that windows OS provides google chrome also provides its own task manager. The chrome task manager maintains all process and features currently running on chrome,which treats each tab ,each extension as a process so when any tab is unresponsive or any flash player issue occurs instead of closing the whole browser ,just end that particular tab (process/task).

To access the Google Chrome Task Manager, open Google Chrome browser, from upper right side of the browser window click on the button “Customize and Control Google Chrome” –> More Tools –> Task Manage or instead of clicking so much just two buttons will get the same that is Shift+Esc.

#2 Paste and go/paste and search: Stucked up some where with meaning of a word ? or wanna find the relevant information for the topic you’re stucked up ? this is the tool that will fire up your search ,no need to use ctrl+v just right click on the address bar and choose “Paste and go”, or “Paste and search” to save your valuable time.Select the URL and paste in the address bar.

#3 Pin Tab: Love a Site ? Or frequently visit a site,then just PIN IT !! Awesome right ?? Just right click on the tab and click on the option ‘pin tab’ and vroooomm !! your tabs are pinned above the address bar ,and best part is they take lesser space than the regular tab,faster than speed dial eh ?? try it ……

#4 Address bar: Address bar isn’t just for typing URLs in chrome. It’s much more.

#4.1 Calculator:  Use address bar to calculate faster and in cool way

#4.2 Set Timer: Set timer for you using the address bar. Just type “set timer to “. Doesn’t matter if its even a minute of time.

#4.3 Sunrise/Sunset: Address bar gives you exact time of sunset for the place you type. Just type Sunrise/Sunset in

#4.4 Forecast: Address bar gives you forecast for your favorite places. Just type Forecast 

#4.5 Tip calculator: Calculate the amount you ought to pay as tip.Type tip calculator and feed the amount and the total amount to be paid comes as result(in dollars).

#4.6 Converter: Google address bar can convert things for you. 

#5 Play on chrome: Play a never ending game on chrome. Type Zerg rush & Atari Breakout in the address bar and enjoy the rush with ease.

#6 Site: By using “Site” keyword followed by the site name will get you results only from that particular site. Type site:.

#7*Chrome: Type “do a barrel roll” & “tilt” in address bar and watch the chrome.

#8 Define: Use this keyword to learn meaning of any word including slang words.

#9 Unknown Search: Not sure of the word that comes after the word you know ? No problem ,google will take care of it just mention asterisk within quotes to specify unknown variable of the part you know.

#10 Unwanted Search: Just include a minus sign after the word you think will get you unwanted results say for example you are searching about jaguar and don’t want results of car to show up just type “jaguar -car”.

Now go on and try doing this cool stuffs on your own. Have fun and be smarter with Smarter \^/orld.

Sources: tutorialspoint ,Lifebuzz and Time.com 


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