whatsapp web.

Few months ago rumors were there saying whatsapp will release its web version and finally whatsapp has pushed the talk ahead by launching the web version its mobile app. Whatsapp which has over 700 million active users on mobile will get even more count with this feature added to their kit.
This update will not be less than a revolution in itself because the other messaging app like line and viber already have their web versions but they didin’t prove a big hit in themselves,and now whatsapp will be available to people on their desktops and laptops.

So,this post will guide you how to configure the web version of whatsapp. To use this feature you first need to update whatsapp to latest version on your device.The updates will be pushed by the devices providers and based on the OS versions and device compatibility the updates will reach shortly ,else check for updates manually in the app store of your device. This feature is available on all platforms except for iphone users because of security restriction laid by apple inc. but no worries this will soon be resolved for iphone users.

After you are done with updation of whatsapp look for whatsapp web on your devices.

Android:     Open whatsapp – main menu – whatsapp web.
Windows:   Open whatsapp – main menu – whatsapp web.
Nokia S60:  Open whatsapp – main menu – whatsapp web.
Blackberry: Open whatsapp – chats – menu key – whatsapp web.
Blackberry 10: Open whatsapp – swipe down from top of the screen – whatsapp web

After you locate the whatsapp web in your device ,open web.whatsapp.com in your laptop or desktop.
NOTE: This site open only on google chrome for now,you will be redirected to home page

when you open your whatsapp web on you device ,a scanner will be initiated show your camera to your computer screen the whatsapp web page on. After successful scan your whatsapp account will be logged and your chat will be sync’d to website and bazzzzziiingaa!! you can chat from your computer now.

Just like every new feature into the market ,comes bugs and defects too. This also comes with a little bit of stealthy way of chatting,since emojis are placed where they are in mobile device but you will have to reach out there with mouse every time you wanna use emojis.

The conversation on website and mobile takes a while in sync-ing ,but stay patient ,whatsapp is in safe hands of techie geeks at facbook they will work out more featured whatsapp website.

For now every time you want to log in and use whatsapp on web ,you will have to scan the QR code and log in ,which is inconvenient right? don’t worry more convenience will be brought to you by whatsapp,

Now what are you waiting for go reach out to your store update it and enjoy whatsapp ,OUT OF YOUR DEVICE.

happy whatsapp-ing 🙂 keep smartening 🙂 with Smarter \^/orld


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