google tango !!

One of the most innovative and challenging project initiated by internet giant-Google is Google Tango. technically google tango is a project that replicates the real world structure to a 3D image in a device using a powerful camera and infrared depth sensors.

Project Tango is a smartphone and tablet project by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), formerly a division of Motorola.
The “Project Tango” prototype is an Android smartphone-like device which tracks the 3D motion of the device, and creates a 3D model of the environment around it. ATAP has 200 prototype development kits which will be distributed to developers by mid-March 2014.
The company plans to produce about 4,000 prototype tablets in June, then furnish them to developers. The device would come with a 7-inch screen, two back cameras and infrared depth sensors.
This project is almost ready in google’s experimetal lab and is about to step into the real world to serve the users and keep the name of its makes alive and more strong.

Then, a model would be created to be used for augmented reality or direct people to important things. Google says this 3D scanning technology can be used in a more advanced way too. It can be used for mapping dimensions of a home before anyone plans to buy a furniture, or provide directions around a new building. With the help of this technology, visually impaired people can also get assistance while roaming around.

This technology can be used in games too. Children can play hide-and-seek with animated characters. It can also change familiar locations into sites of animations. The project is out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division as the development and experiment process is completed. Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) confirmed the news on a Google+ post, “We’re excited about the continued commitment to developing the technology for our users — we wish our fellow pirates fair winds and following seas.”

The latest move hints that the technology can be integrated into consumer devices soon. Google, in collaboration with LG, is said to be making a version of the technology which will be available for purchase this year. Engineers, with the help of the Project Tango Development Kit, can make apps too. The technology has been used in projects like Target’s augmented reality app to scan shop shelves. As per the project’s official page, the technology combines “advanced computer vision, image processing and specialised sensors” to track people. 

Sources: official google tango website.


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