Check your google security and get a gift from google.

On the occasion of safer internet day Google has kept up the status of being the tech giant by having giving away additional 2GB of drive storage to those who take up the security check for their accounts. Exciting right? So here’s how to get your account secured and get additional 2GB of storage. Click here to access your security check. You will have to login with your google account.


How to get google security check up done:

Step 1: After logging in you will be asked to fill in Recovery phone and email that will be used in case of a emergency. If you happen to forget your password and after multiple trails to login will result in locking your account which can be accessed with the code sent to your recover email/phone (which ever you choose while revoking your account back). This happens in case of unauthorized access from someone other than you.
Step 2: The recent logins will be shown of all different devices your google account is signed into. This will contain the location of access ,the time and device name. If you notice any suspicious login or access from the list shown you can report that access to google and get your account secured.
step 2
Step 3: Next will be the apps that you’ve signed in with your google account ,you can remove the unwanted apps and google will disconnect your sign in from that app. Also the websites that you have used to sign in will be shown, if you suspect any site or app, just remove it.

After all this ,you will be taken to a page where your security check will be summarized as given below.


step 3

Google has said that it’ll be granting free Google Drive space to everyone who takes these security steps automatically to everyone around as soon as possible and people will be sent a confirmation email. Google Drive blog writes that it is safe and advised to revisit this checkup often, like when you replace your old devices or login from different browsers of different machines



  • Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Work users are not eligible for free storage, but it is advised to take up this security checkup. 


What is Safer Internet Day anyway?

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote more responsible and safer use of internet, online technology and smartphones. This event is focused especially on children and young people. That’s all for now ,go get yourself small but permanent and additional space in drive ,and more importantly secure yourself.

Sources: fossbytes.



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