Outernet, A Change.

Internet!! Something that has changed the changes in the current Era. In the world where change is the only constant, here’s a change in the most used invention-The INTERNET. Yes!! Finally the internet is going to change the way it used to be. A US based company Outernet has taken up the decision and working on changing the only platform on which the world is connected with. As the name suggests, the information for the world will reach us from outside the world.


The company is aiming to provide free wifi to every person on the planet, the key to this project is the low orbit satellites which will be orbiting the planet round the clock. The Company is otherwise known as Humanity’s Public Library, actually the company calls it that way.The company is a global broadcast data startup currently being incubated by the Media. Development Investment Fund (MDIF), a United States-based impact investment fund and non-profit organization established in 1995 by Saša Vučinić and Stuart Auerbach. They recently began providing free Wi-Fi to 1.3 billion people across North America, Europe and most of the Middle East.  They have covered regions of Asia Pacific by end of 2014 and by June 2015 the company aims to provide free internet to everybody across the globe. Currently, it is providing 200 MB of data per day through its high-speed signals, but soon it would be upgraded to 1 GB. The company is eying on providing 100 GB of data per day to users across the globe.

According to MDIF, the initial content access includes international and local news, crop prices for farmers, Teachers without Borders, emergency communications such as disaster relief, applications and content such as Ubuntu, movies, music, games, and Wikipedia in its entirety. The company has recently announced a device called lantern which will do the magic of bring the information to you. Running out of charge?? Charge your smartphone with the lantern, yes it will work as a charger too and don’t worry about the lantern, it’ll charge itself- It’s from out of the world. The solar charger will do the needful. Lantern is more like a modern version of a digital radio and it works anywhere in the world. With this, you can view everything in a browser but it will look like offline mode with only some part accessible. This device will be of many uses, unlike internet which goes down with conditions like cyclone, rain, lightning etc. Outernet will come handy when there are such conditions around you. The device can be used from any corner of the world, anytime without worrying about the connectivity since it comes from outer space. Now signal strength won’t stop your progress, this device’s launch will get you a limitless powers. Boundaries are broken now, let’s celebrate the change.

Sources: Fossbytes


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