Hardware Certification

computers-hardware_00338905Being strong on the coding grounds is not the only thing that IT Industry needs, it needs a group of people working on peripheral which makes a software worth using. Both software and hardware work mutually and are equally important for the industry to run.
So people who think coders are at profit with the IT Industry growing at lightning speed should read this post. We are quite familiar with certifications for software professionals but, hardware certifications are not very popular. Computer hardware specifications help you in demonstrating knowledge and competency in maintenance of the computers, mobile devices, printers and much more. Below are the top 5 certificates for hardware professionals that will boost your career as a technician.

  1. ACMT (Apple Certified Mac Technician)

ACMT (Apple Certified Mac Technician) certification proves your ability to troubleshoot and repair Macintosh computer systems. The exam tests your ability to identify and resolve commonly known Mac OS X problems. All technicians employed by Apple Authorized Service Providers or Self Servicing Accounts need to have ACMT certification. ACMT exam tests skills and knowledge of a candidate that are required to repair Mac computers. Apple recommends candidates to take AppleCare Technician Training before enrolling for ACMT.

  1. BICSI ITS Technician

BISCSI supports information technology systems (ITS) industry. BICSI offers training, certification and education to candidates who are designers, installers and technicians. ITS technician certification verifies an ability to lead installation team or group. ITS Technician is capable of troubleshooting the cable installations, evaluate cabling requirements and recommend solutions based on standards and best practices. A candidate applying for ITS certification must have in-depth knowledge of copper and fiber cabling.

  1. CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is important for freshers who have just started their career in IT. A+ certified candidate is capable of troubleshooting and repairing PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers. The course is mandatory criteria for hiring process in Dell, Intel and Lenovo service centres. CompTIA A+ is also recognized by U.S. Department of Defence. A+ IT professionals have great career choices.

  1. CompTIA Server+

This is another certification course by CompTIA. This certification test covers candidate’s ability and knowledge of server hardware and software technology. May leading hardware companies like Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lenovo and Xerox have Server+ as one of the requirements to apply for a job. The course is globally recognized and it is vendor-neutral. The certification test covers system hardware, software, and storage, best practices in IT, disaster recovery and troubleshooting. It is advised to have 18 to 24 months of experience in server technology before applying for the certification test.

  1. CWTS (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist)

CWTS (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist) certification by CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional) is verifies candidate’s knowledge and skills in enterprise WLAN sales and support. Candidate is expected to be familiar with terminology and functionality of enterprise 802.11 enterprise network. CWTS covers WiFi technology, Standards and certifications, hardware and software, Radio Frequency fundamentals, site surveying and installation, Applications, support and troubleshooting and security of the network.





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