Free stuffs….for free !!

Time has changed these days, people hardly spend time to think what are they actually planning to buy, they simply browse the internet and get millions of idea in seconds which might take hours for human being. People who actually think has taken advantage of this attitude of people, who depend on the internet so much.

Few different thinking minds have tailored these needs into a website and served it on the web only thing that is to be done is feed your needs to the internet and it will get back with millions of suggestion that you might not even think of.

So, this post will introduce you to four awesome, sweet and simple websites which will make you go wow on it!!

Craigslist: This website has everything, from furniture to jobs and from Services to communities. Just select, the location you are accessing from and according search results will be shown. This website is simple but very very powerful in serving too many things under one website. Try it, it’s worth visiting.

Facebook Local Garage Sale Groups: Okay!! It’s a Facebook page, but it is equally awesome to visit this page often, where deal flood every day. Visit any random day of the calendar and you see awesome deals and feel awesome on perfectly landing on the page that day.

Freecycle: Yet another awesome effort taken. This website is made up of 5,235 groups with 8,717,985 members around the world. Wouldn’t it amazing to visit this website frequently and bless the person who made this awesome website. Just enter place where you are right now, and done , search result will amaze you.

Last but not the least….

Batering Sites: There are many sites were you can find innumerable item, like bikes, homes. BarterQuest and TradeAway tops the huge list of Bartering Sites. Selling on this site is just another good new which won’t make you regret upon visiting this site ,it’s just lesser known site comapred to sites like OLX and quickrr. TradeAway is pure Indian , and BarterQuest is internationally exposed site.

Make use of these and feel blessed upon knowing these. Spread the word and keep smartening….!!

Sources: EFYTimes



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