A step more for developers from google.

I/O-2015 conference brought too many good news for developers and google lovers. Most talked and in highlight was Android M being introduced.
Another big news that became a succor to all the android developers, was google introducing A/B testing mode which will help the developers get more downloads by letting them experiment with the different graphics and written content for their app published on google play.

This feature will only be visible on developer accounts of google play under developer console. With the A/B Testing mode, developers will be allowed to use a different set of pictures and screenshots to understand what will work best for the application and thus increase the downloads. Google also stated that it will add the ‘Listing Experiments’ option on the developer console of the Play Store. The official blog post made by Google reveals that the feature has gone live recently.


According to Google’s official blog post:

  • With the alpha/beta testing tools available in your Developer account, you can test different versions of your app.
  • You don’t need a production APK to publish an alpha/beta app.
  • If you’re testing an existing app that you’ve published before, only users in your test group will receive an update for your Alpha/Beta version. If you’re testing a new app that you haven’t published before, only users in your test group can find and download your app.
  • After publishing an alpha/beta APK, it may take up to 24 hours for your test link to be available to testers.
  • If you make any changes to your app’s Pricing & Distribution page, including setting your app price to Paid or Free, it affects your production, alpha, beta and any future versions of your app.”
Sources: efytimes.



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