Google’s project Soli.

Google has always been way awesome in making things that has blown our minds in all possible way and also in all possible domains. Be it Computer Technology with innovations in android or automobiles with Google auto pilots cars, or google glass  or robotic cheetah or many more such services can be named. One thing is for sure that google is all set to keep amusing us every now and then by many many innovative goodies. None of these are fad, and will never be.

This time it’s really really awesome thing that google is working for. If google keeps working this manner, we will soon be living a Sci-Fi life, powered by google. Ever wondered how intensely we’re surrounded by different blend of rays, but now google has planned to utilize these rays to make our lives little more easy. So this project named “Soli” which means alone, which is apt to satisfy the intention with which this project is named. So far we have been using the devices with wireless connections like wi-fi and bluetooth, or may be NFCs but it’s time to access the hardware remotely and in way awesome way, thanks to google. Google’s Project soli has invented a new interaction sensor using radar technology that can capture motions of your fingers at up to 10,000 frames per second. To be brutally honest this product is so damn awesome that you can any device (fitted with this) without even touching it.

With this awesome product in place , we can actually control banal gadgets like radio to fussy gadgets like  smart watches. This small creepy thing will turn your hand to virtual machine that control the world with just few twits and turns of your fingers.

This product basically records the motion of your hands and transmit the recorded motion accordingly to the device attached to making it the “Jarvis” under your hand. Since it’s Radar it works and captures the motions of near by objects only but this is not the thing to worry , the speed at which this chip captures the motion will compensate this and make you the magician at your place.This chip is actually a miniature gesture radar that captures even the most complex hand movements at close range, at unbelievably hyper speeds and replicates hand gestures. Given the micro size of the chip, it can almost be fitted into literally anything. This technology, if the project is successful, can make the need to touch a device to operate it redundant. Watch the glimpse of this technology and spread this word to the people who are shiftless to make motions any more.





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