Mute your google chrome tabs

That awkward moment when you’re in a meeting room or class room and unwanted ad with annoying sound pops up and leaves you helpless.

In the previous version google chrome had a speaker icon indicating the audio/video element in that particular tab to more efficiently identify. But that wasn’t actually enough for the people who are mentally present in the latest audio track on YouTube while physically being in a meeting or class room. Imagine a situation where you’re on shopping website and a ear hurting ads pops up and it takes time to close it. Uninvited right ?

Instead of closing the tab and holding on your entertainment, thanks to google you have the option of muting it. Yes , you can now actually mute those suspicious tabs and enjoy your own work pretending that you’re are reading the notes shared or the presentation shared on the network.

This feature requires the latest version-Version 46 of chrome. This feature is just a right click away on the tab you want to mute. This feature is tab specific and is implemented individually only on the tabs you select to be muted.

To check if you have the latest version of Chrome, click the button with three short, stacked lines on the top-right side of your browser window. From there, select Help and About and then About Google Chrome. You’ll see a line that indicates if your browser is up to date. Google never opposed the already existing extensions like Mute Inactive Tabs with the same functionality but having a home produced features feels awesome.


Freezing the sounds just 2 clicks away – powered by google. Share this cool feature to save your friends from this awkward moment.


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