Top 10 imaging tools for marketing.

Images speak more than words. This holds true almost everywhere , specifically when it comes to marketing because ads are something we all skip almost every time as it consumes our valuable internet data. How nice it would be if we could depict our whole idea in one single image. Being socially active you are often placed in a condition to upload photos in different dimensions.

Here are the top 10 imaging tools for marketing.

1 Social Image Resizer Tool: Tons of social networking sites and webpages where in you need to upload images and it’s obvious that all the sites are possessive for their rules for image format and sizes. Here you can select the site you want image for. You need not worry of the different sizes that the sites need. Just select the option from the drop down and you’re done.

2 Social Media Image Maker: This tool covers almost all the social networking sites and services. This tool is smart enough as it enables you to directly upload the photo to the service after editing it as per your needs. Just click on the Create Image , drag and drop the image or directly upload it by Add your file button. Apart from the cropping the image, this tool lets you add filters , adjust the image, sharpen it blur it and much more.

 3 Pablo: Publish you own master pieces on the social media with this mind freezing website that lets you create your own picture and that too with a quote. Find a picture from your pc for background, decide a quote add a secondary quote or logo. You have some pre-designed images to select from, in the site. Image editing is another mind blowing feature which lets you enhance your image by blurring it or adding shades to it.

4 Pinwords: This site let’s you add quote out of the six photographic layout already present in the site. Resize your text, shrink it enlarge it or shift it. Apart from the layouts, you have power to chose the typographic styles, change the size of your text and image and once done just click Pin it and you’re done.

5 Befunky: This site is fuse of  3 features: Photo editor , collage maker and a tool to produce mind blowing photo effects. Apart from all the regular photo effects and ability to add text, befunky lets you add graphics too. It’s time to animate your imagination. Have an overlay in predefined shape  by befunky to further funkify your image. Be it any source , like webcam or Google Drive or Dropbox befunky accepts all incoming images.

6 Canva: For those who are at urge of uploading the photo, this is the right place. Find the typographic style from hundreds of templates pre-defined with fancy images; just edit to match your mood and publish. This tool has right sizes for almost all the social networking sites. You can also select images from your gallery and add your own text to the text template.

 7 Recitethis: What runs hot on social media, Quotes and this tool will add fire to this hot thing on the social network. Simply enter your quote in the form provided and pick a template and if needed you can also preview it. This tool let’s you post directly to 5 social networking sites and obviously you can download or you can also share the link, emailing it is also another icing on the cake.

8 Pagemodo: This cover photo making tool let’s you create cover photos in best possible way. Out of dozens of themes, you can choose the best one suiting your purpose and this tool will bridge you purpose to the image by very interesting and customizable themes and typography. You can add test, logos, background and shapes to it.

9 Share As Image: Add text to your image by dragging and dropping the text any where you want. The text field is unlimited, but the pro version of this tool  let’s you change logo to your own and unlocks more photos and filters. Pro version, costing $8 a month comes with many templates to use and save at design time.

 10 Infogram: Infographic images are easily made with this tool, This tool comes with infographic templates.  This is little nerdy tool as it has feature of creating your own template by taking a chart from the cart list and modifying the data values with your own data sets. The pro version costing $15 a month comes with replacing the infogram logo with your own logo, download infographics and many such cool features.

There nothing to loose in this, why not try it…..!! Share if you like this, I’m sure you liked this.



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