Google’s About me- has it all.

We all are worried about every single bit of information of ours we share online. Its’said that  ‘safest way to stay online is to stay offline’. When it comes to security google takes it very seriously and the user data is maintained at very deep clarity of what data they collect and what the data is used for. With your data and information lying at the google servers,
you do not have to worry about the data as google keeps it very much safe and clean.
To justify the loyalty Google recently has rolled a new tool to named “About Me” that shows the information the company is holding of the account you have logged in and what’s shown to the world online.
This tool lists every bit of your information that’s online and who can see it publicly there. Editing is left up to you. You can remove your surname from the details section but you cannot delete your birthday or first name, however you can keep it private of public. You can take up a privacy checkup from the tool.
Update any of your information and it will reflect across all the services provided by google, and About Me acts as epicentre of the all those information that appears to the world publicly.



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