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Blogging- in and out of it

​Blogging is the new nine-to-five for the upcoming generation and the generation that were little late to this transition period- US. Blogging is becoming more of a hobby and as per the senses 6 out of 10 youngsters already own at least 2 medium scale blogs on their name. Blogging generates revenue which is actually why 4-5 of those 6 youngsters are attracted towards blogging. Successful blogger like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Shivya Nath and many more have turned into a full time blogger earning a multiple million dollars a year, seems attractive right ? So in this post let’s wet our feet in this new tech-fashion.

What is blogging ?

To begin with, blogging is sharing information in search engine friendly way and this way is crafted in such a way that if followed well, the author can earn from it. Blogging is endless cave of diamonds, the more you pull out the more you are left with to pull out again.

Where to blog ?

Blogging platforms range from purpose to complexity and flexibility to feasibility. It’s just the matter of a clear cut idea of what you are planning to blog for? There are platforms like WordPress that hosts ~24% of all the sites on the web and also there is a platform named blogger from google which is again a very powerful tool, when it comes to monetization of your blog. It’s just matter of your need to blog and your convenience. So here’s the list of the blogging platforms in 2016:

WordPress:  As mentioned, WordPress hosts ~24% of  all the sites that exists on the web. When ever CMS(content management system) is discussed, WordPress is the first common name that comes up in the minds of those smart nerds. WordPress has successfully attained that position and obviously earned this position. With the ever lasting amazing services provided by two of its sub sets ( and is mighty enough to hold back the users. It actually is keeping the customer-Loyal. Its worth working on WordPress. Hosting a site on WordPress is by default SEO friendly, you no more have to optimize your site separately.

Squarespace: This is known to be one of the simplest and powerful way to blog your idea on the web. Apart from amazing site builder, this platform also has amazing plans suiting in best terms to your needs. All the important needs for hosting a site is present at SquareSpace.

Tumblr: This is yet another well established blogging platform that majorly let’s the user, actually emphasize the user to use GIFs. If you fail to use the GIF on the platform you’re doing it all wrong. Tumblr holds a very good quantity and quality of readers and publishers, which makes it more likely to get your article read/shared/followed. Tumblr gives you the audience, and hence the ball is in your court to come up with worth-reading content.

Medium: One more awesome place to pour out your ideas is medium, as the name suggests- It is a medium to the awesome audience which are reading freak, and often come to the platform to gain knowledge. If you have no intention of building your own audience or a list of followers, then medium is the place. It’s more or less like QuoraThe only difference here is the fact that quora is question-answers hosting platform, aiming to become the largest knowledge base on the globe.

There are many more blogging platforms out there, but these platforms that are mentioned here are top notch biggies in this regards. It solely depends on the personal level of to choose out of these.

Why Blogging ?

If i’m bide to answer this in one line, I’d say because blogging is the new Nine to Five. You can really earn hefty income out of this new nine to five. There are various ways with your can monetize your efforts, to name a few are adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, product hosting and much more.  We’ll have perfectly elaborated coverage on these in the subsequent articles. Blogging is not always for earning money, it’s also for having a well documented information for the users. Most of the top notch companies have a blog apart from the official website, which deals with more user specific, have discussion forum, help center, may be downloads too sometimes,mostly to drive traffic towards their main website. People have a different, opinion and purpose every time for blogging. Some do it for, pushing their views to the web, some do it to gain further knowledge, some to build network and connect with people like you.And the supremo of this breed is the people who build audience from their amazingly useful content and turn that into revenue. With every person being unique in their own way, the purpose of blogging still remains dynamic.

How to blog ?

This again is blogger centeric topic. Need for information is never ending and it depends on you, the blogger on what you can provide ? You can blog on anything and everything under this universe, and if you are an alien you can even blog for things outside of this universe, heh !! Now one important question here, most of the newnuts have is “what to write?”, as said the subject is something that you have to decide, it is something that you are good at and may be it’s takes a pro to knock you down in that, and that becomes your subject. As far content is concerned, it should purely be original content that is not taken as it is from any other sites. It is very easy to trace the duplicate and in no time, google will block your site from showing up in the search result. So having a original content is a must. Think out the box, I’m sure you can do it. !!

And even after banging your nerves hard to search for a topic to write, you fail. Then I’d suggest to analyze the online activity of people’s questions on question forums, discussion forum or any sort of source for that matter and think of which is the topic that you can provide solutions to, at least begin with that. I’m pretty sure this ace will surely help.

And this is it, this should be helpful in taking the first step towards blogging. But if you think i’ve missed anything , do mention in the comment section. Happy blogging !!!

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