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How to earn more revenue with good traffic of your site ?

I will try bring some clarity on Site Monetization. Monetization basically means, generating revenue against the unique content you produce and amazing traffic on your site. It is no surprise that most of us begun blogging with one aim in mind(though in the back of your mind), to generate one more (or first in some cases) source of income. So here’s a guide that will walk you through various ways to monetize your efforts.

Oh wait a second!!

You need to have this in your mind that to earn online your need to have a really good traffic going in and out on your site and you ought to be very active with your content that will not let your followers/readers go else where in search of information, make sure you have almost everything about your niche on your site. This will keep your site off the edge and top in viewer’s priority list when in search of any information(related to your niche and their needs). This is because getting the ads on your site is no big deal, maintaining a perfect relation between ads and the content is what fuels the revenue generation, having  ads placed on your site with no or less content coming up is like sowing a seed and not watering it. So let’s begin with the core topic of this guide.

Monetize it

To begin with, you better have a bunch of target-able posts that can really catch viewer’s eye. Something trending in your niche, also make sure it’s presented well. And after this, you are all set to rock the web with your awesome content. 

Google Adsense

One of the most used ads services out there is google Adsense. Most of the websites running ads are running on AdSense. There are many other services but the control that google Adsense gives is way higher than the control any other service is providing. Ads from google AdSense generate really good revenue if used properly and in an optimized way since google has really advanced web-crawler that let’s google display better ads based on the text content. Google AdSense provides, various sizes,format and types of ads which you control and place it exactly where it’s par fruitful. This is something after analyzing the behaviors of your users and ads placed there.

Affiliate Marketing

Another highly popular way of monetizing your site is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is simply advertising specifically. In other words, partnering with top companies for showing their products and services on your site and in return, you demand a commission from the company for each product/service that they sell, because of you. Most of the product based companies are into this program, might not be open for all but you can approach them directly in order to get your site in partnership with them. Best example here is amazon affiliate program. This is the most famous and most preferred among the affiliates. And obviously, there are number of providers too. Just look for “affiliate” on the site, the link might be placed anywhere on their site. Point to be noted here is that this needs a very good traffic and unique views.

Renting your site space

This way is completely organic way of monetizing. In this, you need to approach the advertiser or they do if you are too famous on the web  and hence your site. What happens here is that your place a banner of the advertiser or their product on your site’s most viewed section and since more people view it hence more money. The standard says that this way is monthly paid source but it completely depends on you and advertiser’s agreement. You can either have a static image, an image containing the advertiser’s home page embedded or may be a slide show. There are no standard price governing this process, it’s just the way you and the advertiser agree for the pricing. But ideally, you can charge per image(in case it’s a slide show) which is calculated monthly. You can charge little different in case you have a video to be advertised. This one is really flexible and fun to have. A must try source for this is Buysellads

Guide/E-book  for specific topics

This is little tough but very effective and fast way to earn the target you’ve set for your site. This requires configuring payment gateways and that is little tricky, but fruitful later. You can write on trending or hot topics of your niche. You can also have a research paper, personal experience, guides, fictional content or anything out of the box you can think of. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are writing a book/e-book for the first time, better keep it for free as people trend to reject a paid thing unless it’s not from a not-so-brilliant source. If you’re big sensation on the web, this doesn’t apply to you, just publish it for few bucks. But if you’re a new emerging source, better give it for free to gain trust. Since this way is open ended, you can experiment anything you want.

Products & Service

Advertising your own products and services is yet another orthodox but evergreen way to earn respect along with your bread & butter. Products that you produce(suiting your niche) and services that your provide can be advertised, should be advertised-I’d rather say. This brings a huge attention of the viewers, out of curiosity. Have a smart way of advertising your products, people love humor. Out-sourcing these product advertisements also drives traffic and hence more chances of your product being consumed. Internet has endless possibilities !!


Looking for sponsors for sponsoring you with their products and at your, end you’ll review it and share your experience on it to your viewers. Sponsors call it Native Marketing This is actually highly volatile medium to earn, as sponsors expect you to share only goodness of their products and report the flaws to them and not to the public. Agreeing to this or not is your call. I’d recommend to disagree this as viewers/readers trust your opinion. Just like the sponsors are in defense mode of their product, even you ought to be so.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is second largest search engine,and yes first is google-You’re smart. So have your traffic coming from YouTube and redirecting to YouTube would be very very fruitful in terms of revenue generation. Having unique videos related to your site’s niche can drive a huge traffic with YouTube, to your site or both. So think of a way serving your site’s textual content in a video format. Get your minds at work.

Social Network Advertising

Have a huge fan following on social networking platforms? Keep yourself open for advertising pages, profiles, posts or anything advertisable (obviously if paid). Leave a message for advertisers in your bio or description and they will approach. Again, this is open ended way so you decide the price and you control everything. In order to make this thing a huge success, come up with a funky way to attract more people towards this ad. Keep this ad dynamic, i.e. having the payment depended on the number of people seeing it, engaging with it, sharing it and reacting to it. Come up with your own matrix to govern this with ease.


Instagram has turned into something more than just a photo editing/sharing tool. It’s a real-time business for few who know how to earn big from Instagram. A study has stated that if you have ~5k followers you can earn around £4500 a year(in UK). Ins’t that convincing enough to rush to Instagram now ?

And then…!!

Be it any kind of revenue generation way, make sure your know every nook and corner of it before starting. Failing to do this won’t effect immediately but will effect in the long run. Make sure you note each and every happening closely in order to learn from the activities and enhance in case of you find a loop hole. It’s always advisable to keep track of your earnings since the beginning in order to have a right directional growth. And finally the trump card- Build an asset, of really high quality that keep people engaged. Keep researching and you’d never run out of topics to serve and eventually you’d never stop earning. Play with psychology of your audience, keep experimenting.

Smarties would share this and spread the word as much as you can. I’m sure there are some more awesome ways to monetize your site, voice it out in comment section below.

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