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Accelerated mobile pages-speed is here.

Internet was brought to existence with just one aim- Information sharing. With increase in usage of mobiles instead of PCs gradually came the era where the information serving site became more mobile centric. But over the years, mobile surfing hasn’t always been that fruitful and smooth, the internet has gone through a transition which bugged it. But it’s all over, google along with top tech giants came up with project that made the internet awesome and yet more smarter again, for mobile too. It’s AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) program.

What is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) ?

With growing information sharing on the web, services by the publishers too went high and which made the site quite heavier for the web to propagate it. Stats speak that 68% of traffic on most of the sites is coming from mobile devices, which means that viewers are viewing the same information on a smaller screen and little slower internet speed. Now the problem here was, the site had to load same code, with same services on the page in same time span, which was a really big challenge to achieve. Accelerated mobile pages is a program lead by google and partnered by many top-notch tech companies which have aim of having  your sites and pages optimized for mobile devices for faster load.

Why AMP ?

AMP was planned and designed to have site load in no time on mobile devices as it was observed that readers leave the site just in 3 seconds after popping in slow loading was the culprit, this was heart-breaking for the reader for not getting the information and for publisher for not being successful in delivering what they had prepared for the readers to read. And hence Accelerated Mobile Pages was built with existing tools and languages. Nevertheless, Accelerated Mobile Pages is solely powerful enough to load AMPed site at lightning fast speed and some times instantly.

What is it to have your site AMPed ?

Most of the traffic consumes information from mobile and hence this was a major concern for publishers that in spite of having almost everything optimized, the site couldn’t load before 8 seconds on average. And now with Accelerated Mobile Pages in place you make your site load rocket fast. Since the information on the internet is open source how can information for optimizing it be hidden and hence Accelerated Mobile Page is a open source project with all it’s code placed on github.

Features of AMPed site.

A normal google search will show you the AMPed site in top stories section with a label AMP. The scrolling of  the AMPed site is made smoother that enhances the reading experience, with everything same- your ads, your plugins, your content at lightning fast speed. And you can simply full flip the site to view the next AMPed site from the top stories section. This program has successfully made the site to load 4 times faster and consume ~ 10 times less data. Everything that runs behind the scenes are optimized using AMP-HTML and again, it’s open source.

Factors that effects page loading


Content that you produce contains images, carousels, plugins, ads and what not ? This eventually leads to slowing down the site while loading, or your can say the internet takes a little more time to place everything where it ought to be. Accelerated Mobile Pages program takes care of these things and does the same job even faster.


Internet is global and hence your site too. You write in English and someone from Korea finds it informative but cannot completely understand it, and hence opts to translate it. Now the site will be slower to load ? Yes it will be slower. Global cache does this by distributing he information globally from nearest data centers whenever there is a request.


Ads are unavoidable, they fund for the work publishers do. Sites tweeked with AMP-HTML can now have complete control over the ad network, ad format and ad styles. With AMP HTML in place you do not have to worry about that. It is meant to boost your revenue rather than slowing it down.

And official blog post from google says that this is just a beginning and near future will see loads of integration of google products and AMP, first one they have targeted is google news. A lot of fast-loading pages awaits you. And  I will be doing a detailed guide for having your site AMPed, so share this news and stay tuned !! Do let me know of amazing will mobile surfing be with AMP.

AMP is live now, go get some information at the speed of blink of an eye.

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