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High paying niches by Google Adsense

Why Adsense ?

Google adsense is heartthrob to bloggers, google adsense is the first thing to strike mind when it comes to monetizing efforts. So why google adsense is so obvious for us ? This guide will cover all points to be considered before finalizing the niche. Google however has eligibility criteria set which inlines it’s core policies, and mind you google is very very strict about it.

Google being leader in ad network and adsense being the most valuable tool for both google and the publisher. Google adsense is enjoying the favoritism among ad publisher as it has so many features that one cannot refuse like.

  • More control and better coverage of ads.
  • More customizable and large coverage of advertisers.
  • Performance tools that are totally in favor of publisher. Easy to understand the reports so as to generate more fruitful results.
  • Targeted ads, the Chuck Norris of ad network. Powerful to the core. Google scans through the content your produce and publish relevant ads for your site so that it becomes more likely for reader click the ad. Super cool right ?

Let’s dive into the core part of this article.

Health & Fitness

We know how wealthy the pharmaceutical industry is- billion of dollars right ? So are it’s ads. Highly paid and highly congested by readers. Tips for health and wellness would be paid really well by google. If you happen to have medical background, and if you’re thinking of blogging then you’ve rich thoughts already. People are turning health conscious these days, let’s turn money conscious now.

Technology/IT Information

Yes !! Not a day goes without getting influenced by gadgets right ? We do face issues every day with one or the other gadget. Who’ll provide solution to it ? For obvious reasons, the web would provide. As the web itself is a part of technology.

It’s “by the technology, for the technology and of the technology” kinda thing nowadays.

A study has showed that around 38% of searches on the web are tech related queries a day. With such a huge number that sounds enough to bring you anywhere around $1000-$1500 a month. Coding blogs too get huge attention these days. Should you be good at some programming languages, blog it and publish it. You’ll get nice response from google adsense team.

Social media and breaking news

Social media is no more a fad now, it’s business for them and daily need for us. Though unconsciously sometimes, we tend to land on various social media platforms daily and regularly. So why not have a site that covers the daily happenings on social media. Tips & tricks, new features and in-news of the social media offices. It pays well to teach people how to interact well and make new friends on social media. And mind you, social media industry too is billion dollar company.

Blogging & SEO guides

Blogging is professional job now, no more a out-of-hobby thing. Teach people how to blog and you’ll be happy to see the income by it. Blogging has a really well-structured architecture, which if followed well is bliss to blogger cum authors. Talking of ads, the amount of relevant ads that show up on the site with this niche is way too high. A lot of ads are called as “relevant” to this niche, trust me a plenty of them. SEO is The Joker of blogging industry, no matter how confusing it is for beginners they cannot ignore it. If you can teach them SEO, you’re awesome to them and to yourself in return.

Fashion & Beauty tips

Another apple-of-my-eye to many people. They do not miss a thing on fashion and beauty. “10 Tips to look absolutely smart with budget taken care of” is such a pie to people active on social media. Should you be a fashion nerd, go for this. You’ll surely find a fruitful results to your efforts. Specially for ladies, it’s evergreen niche. Never deserted. And grooming products, apparels, accessories might go out-of-stock but never out-of-production. We never stop looking for things to look good. Tips, new styles and tricks to look good and you’re good to go with earning.

Celebrities/ entertainment & current affairs

Celebrities are all time source of debate among people. Their insights and daily updates are equally discussed, shared and debated. A new car of a celebrity is shared quite a lot, and hence more look at it. The more it’s looked upon, the more impressions are created. More impression is more revenue. Current affairs include, daily happenings in the country you belong to. News that matter most for people who like to be updated about the happenings around them is a well appreciated niche by google.

Forex & Insurance

Money and it’s management is loved a lot. If there’s money, there would be insurance. Insurance is and investment rather than “insurance”, investment on yourself. “Tips for saving tax” turn a trend on web during/before financial year for any country for that matter. Forex, is another such hot topic on the web. I don’t understand much of it but all I know is businesses are international now, transactions are international. Wouldn’t it be fruitful to share tips and tricks on this niche ? There are pioneers around the globe in this industry, they’d land on your site for advertising. That’s big thing to your revenue report to calculate your income.


Did you know, Audi cars are technically safe for drivers and cars passing by the AUDI. The LED lights in Audi are so designed that it can be turned to light tangentially while on a turning road. So that you can let the cars coming from the other side know without honking. Now you know Audi is expensive not because it is grouped under Luxury cars but for the features it provides. And automobile industry is flooded with big shots who’s look for platforms to advertise about their cars. Go get your content on automobiles ready, google adsense will take care of the rest.


Okay, we all are humans and have emotions. We need condolences, love, smiles and companion in hard times. If you can provide humorous content, short stories to inspire and motivate you’d end up earning really good from Adsense. And as token on this, this niche gets almost all ads relating to humans. Tips on relationships, stories for happiness, humor to make them smile and sometimes laugh. Donations are yet another way to justify the definition of “humanity”.Ways to find donations and donors would be great to find ads from reputable hospitals, clinics and healthcare.


Need say anything to this ? Still I’ll mention few things that I have observed among people these days. People are so stressed and restricted in their lives that they want a break, and nothing is as lovely as nature when it comes to having a break. There are places that people only can imagine of going, why not bring those places to people’s smart phones and excite them to visit it ? All of a sudden everyone is owning a DSLR and are calling themselves as Nomads, as they love travelling. And it’s fine, travelling is such a amazing experience. One gets to explore the planet they are living in and they get to explore themselves. Don’t worry ads from location based hotels, places for food and commuting agencies will take care of your revenue.


My favorite one in the list. Photographers are totally considered super humans these days. They know to stop time and words from such super humans should be applauded right ? Yes, google takes care of these super humans by publishing high CPC ads on their work and hence generating high revenue. You can expect ads from top names in photography industry and relating third party or direct agencies.

Bonus tip

US & UK pay high CPC. Content trending in US & UK are really good to have. They pay really high CPC and doesn’t take much time to go on fire provided your content is good enough to read and spicy enough to consume it multiple times.

Okay then, it’s done for now. Share this work as much as you can. Let’s grow together.