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How to write great content for your blog in 3 steps?

They say “success rate of any blog/site directly proportional to the rate at which top quality content is constantly published” — Sounds so newton, and they are absolutely true. According to stats published by Technorati — 2,75,000 blog posts are made per day and 12000 blogs are created every day. With this in mind, we better be stubborn enough to constantly produce quality content at minimum speed of 4–5 posts a day.


top 10 websites to learn coding interactively

                                  1. CodecademyThanks to its helpful interface and well-structured courses, Codecademy is indisputably the most famous website to teach you to code interactively. You can make your pick amongst Web Fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and APIs.Every lesson carries a panel which can explain the necessary code and instruction. Another panel lets you to … Continue reading top 10 websites to learn coding interactively

top 10 languages that will transform IT industry

DartThis was created by Google to counter the weakeness that comes on JavaScript when it works with web applications in large numbers. The Dart language, Google hopes, will become the new vernacular of web programming. It uses uses C-like syntax and keywords. One significant difference, however, is that while JavaScript is a prototype-based language, objects … Continue reading top 10 languages that will transform IT industry